The LustContact service

LustContact is a web-based service targeted at people looking for IRL contacts or other types of interactions with other people. These Terms and Conditions specify under what circumstances the service is provided and the rules of conduct for its users.

Using the service

By creating a profile on LustContact, the user agrees to these Terms and Conditions, regardless of whether the profile is a singles profile or a couples profile. If the profile is a couples profile, both parties in the couple have accepted the Terms and Conctions when the profile is created. You must be 18 years of older to create a profile. All actions taken by a user and all text written by the user is the sole responsibility of the user. LustContact can not be held liable for any actions taken by a user.

Rules for the user

The user is not allowed to:

  • Express dishonest information in the the user profile or in communication with other users.
  • Upload data where the user does not own all rights.
  • Attempt to sell sexual services.
  • Write texts or upload images associated with child pornography.
  • Write texts or upload images that are illegal, infringes on someone’s privacy or can be categorized as slander.
  • Attempt to sell services or products.

If any of these rules are broken the user’s account will be cancelled immediately. LustContact has the right to cancel a user’s account or erase a text/image with no previous warning and without have to provide an explanation.

Ownership of texts and uploaded images.

The user retains full ownership of all text created by the user and all images uploaded by the user. The user can therefore request that LustContact removes any text or images uploaded by the user.

LustContact only creates copies of texts, images and other uploaded material if it is necessary for the service to function, mainly copying for backups. No information will ever be sold to a third party.

Closing a user account

The user can close the account at any time. The effect of closing an account is that the profile is no longer shown and all data associated with the account is deleted from the database. Once a user account has been deleted, it is impossible to recreate the data. Paid subscription fees are not refunded. LustContact has the right to close a user account at any time, whitout providing any explanation.